Live Broadcast

Everyone is a VIP

The best seat in the house, the stage, in the ring, on the field. It’s the perfect vantage point every time.

From small stages to massive events, small rings to massive fields, you could be right up close to the action, the stars, and experience the moment.

Perfect for:

  • Red Carpet
  • Sports
  • Concerts
  • Festivals
  • Sold Out Events

Frequently Asked Questions About Live Broadcasts

Can the camera be moved during a live broadcast?

Yes, the camera can be moved, but we have recommendations on how and when to move the camera.

Can multiple live broadcast streams be set up?

Yes, there are solutions for broadcasting from multiple cameras on and off site.

Can we add our logo or branding to our live broadcast?

Yes, a logo or text can be added to your live broadcast.

Is there a delay in a live broadcast?

Yes, there is a delay in broadcasting, but it is generally very short.

Is the camera set up for live broadcasting obtrusive?

There are multiple options for setting up camera rigs, we create site specific configurations to capture what you need and stay functional and aesthetically pleasing.